Link to University of Maryland website with lots of information on the topic of school busing.

Link to a 1965 article in Time on busing in Boston.,9171,834372,00.html

Eyes on the Prize: Desegregation in Boston
Link to a superb website with videos, essays, and photo galleries documenting the Boston busing crisis.

Link to an article in the Stoneham Independent from 2006, which discusses among other things Reading, MA and Boston Celtics great Bill Russell.
Here is a taste:

Sansone chose Main Street in Reading for the location (wants to change a portion of a street name in Reading to Tolerance Way) due to terrible racist incident that he remembered occurring there during his childhood, one that involved a hero of his, Boston Celtic legend Bill Russell, a former Reading resident. “I started thinking about my first experience regarding people of another race that really stood out,” writes Sansone. “It wasn't a personal experience but a story I heard as a child that made me very sad. It was about the awful hatred that former Boston Celtic legend Bill Russell faced in Boston and specifically Reading during his career in the 50's and 60's. Bigots broke into his Reading home and put racist graffiti on his walls and defecated on his bed because of his skin color. Then when he tried to move from his home to a new home across town, some neighbors filed a petition trying to block the move. When that failed, other neighbors banded together to try to purchase the home that Russell wanted to buy. I subsequently learned that white security guards at the Boston Garden would actually ask Mr. Russell for his identification before allowing him into the building before his Celtic games. This was after he already won two NCAA Championships for the University of San Francisco, a Gold Medal for the USA in the 1956 Olympics and NBA Championships in Boston. How humiliating!”

Link to a Washington Monthly article from 1985 by Nicholas Leman on busing. Also connects to several other articles on the subject. In the piece Leman reviews Common Ground, by J. Anthony Lukas.

“The Soiling of Old Glory: The Ted Landsmark photograph that captured Boston's busing crisis: How it was taken, and why it still matters.” By Louis P. Masur

Link to a 1975 television interview with an African American parent in Boston commenting on the busing crisis.

Link to all of WGBH Boston’s film footage and news coverage of the Boston Busing crisis.

Link to a January 2009 Boston Globe editorial titled ‘Time to End Busing’.

Link to a March 2010 article in the Boston Globe titled ‘Debate over Busing in
North Carolina County gets Uglier’.